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"We have been working with Dennis James at Various Insurance Planning for many years.  He is always very attentive, responsive, and knows the industry well.  He is a great asset for our company!

Jeff Beier

CEO, Maya Gage

"I have been working with Various Insurance Planning, for over 20 years. I like that they give me options based off my Life Insurance needs. I now have John Hancock Vitality/Aspire. Protection and Living Benefits for peace of mind in my retirement years."

Robert Bushey

Dell Technologies

“I’ve been working with VIP Insurance Planning for my life insurance needs.  I was especially impressed with their tenacity and ability to see the process all the way through despite my delays in response.”

Kurt A. David

EMMY Award Winning Executive Producer - International Speaker on Rapid Change - Created for a Purpose

“I been working with VIP Insurance Planning with my personal life insurance needs.  I was introduced to John Hancock Vitality and now my wife and I have competitive Life Insurance including all the rewards and discounts for healthy living.”

Matthew Shell


“With the John Hancock Vitality Program, VIP found me the perfect life insurance policy.  Vitality adds excitement through incentives and rewards for healthy habits while protecting my family at a reasonable cost, I couldn’t be happier with this program!”

Mike Morgan

“Working with Dennis James on my Long-Term Care Planning has been a good experience. It was important for my wife and I to know were protecting are assets I have worked to accumulate. I have now taken any financial burden off my family and it nice to have the tax advantages.”

Scott Harper

Lane Tooling

“Working with Dennis James has been a great experience. I am glad I listened to my father when he suggested to get long term care Insurance. I now have Peace of mind knowing I have a pool of money that has been included as part of my retirement portfolio.”

Kevin Harper

Lane Tooling

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