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Life (John Hancock Vitality/Aspire)

Life Insurance can be used in a business setting to help attract top talent, protect key workers and establish business succession plans. When combined with the John Hancock Vitality Program it can take your business planning strategies to the next level.

How Would Your Business Be Impacted By A Top Employee Leaving?

A competitive rewards package is essential to creating an engaged, productive and competitive workforce.
As you search for new talent or are looking to reward your current employees, you are likely competing with businesses that offer a variety of benefits that go beyond just basic compensation.
In fact, employees today desire holistic compensation packages that include:


  • Competitive compensation
  • Retirement benefits
  • Health and well-being programs
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Recognition programs

The Solution

Life insurance purchased as part of an executive benefit plan can provide:


Supplemental income

Health & well-being

Long-term care protection

Protection for critical illness


What makes this different from other executive benefit plans is John Hancock’s unique product portfolio, including the innovative Vitality program.

Key Employee Succession

Corporate Key Employee’s Rewards

Employee Well-Being

Business Partners Protected

The John Hancock Advantage for Business Owners & Employees

John Hancock life insurance with Vitality offers a whole new approach for business owners to use life insurance to reward and engage their employees. Healthier employees can lead to a healthier bottom line: with a healthy and engaged workforce, employers see greater productivity, and fewer missed workdays as well as reduced health care costs.

Overview of John Hancock Vitality®

Key Resources

Connect with VIP today to get started on a business life (John Hancock Vitality/Aspire) insurance plan. We will help come up with a customized plan perfectly suitable for you.

The Vitality Advantage


Up to 15% in annual premium savings

Complimentary Fitbit and wearable device and healthy gear discounts

Apple Watch Series 6 for as little as $25 plus tax by exercising regularly

Exclusive Up to 50% discounts at 350,000 eligible properties worldwide

Savings of up to $600 a year on fresh fruits and vegetables

Free subscription to Headspace®

Shopping and entertainment rewards

Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter and Live More magazine

A one-year Amazon Prime membership reach Platinum status three years in a row

Some restrictions apply, please see below

Living Well Includes Peace of Mind as a Business Owner

Life Insurance Can Be Life-Changing at Retirement

Insuring a Long Life with Family Is More than a Policy

Brooke Shields –
Health and Wellbeing

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